Master's degree in Education Technology: E-Learning and management of the knowledge

Faculty/School regulations

The academic practices are external training activities carried out in the professional field and supervised by the universities with the aim to let the student apply and complement the knowledge acquired during the academic training, promoting the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the practice of the profession and research and facilitate their incorporation into the labour market.

The internships are intended to enhance the employability of students, favouring the contact with the professional practice and research in the field of educational technology. It is a subject made up of 6 ECTS credits, which mean a total of 150 hours of dedication for the students and which are carried out either in national or international centres.

The internship syllabus prepares the students to join companies, institutions or recognized centres of research and development, both at national and international level, such as:

  • Specialist in the incorporation of ICTs in educational processes, being able to design, implement, develop and evaluate projects aimed at the improvement of the citizen and the training with ICTs, or
  • Researcher in the field of educational technology, capable of applying scientific principles to the solution to educational problems.

Internships offer students the incorporation in a centre, company or group of research and collaborate with professionals of Educational Technology in the design and development of materials and/or e-learning programmes, i.e. in research activities and scientific production.

It is intended that this contact will lead the students to participate in the culture of the company or research group, apply and improve their professional and research skills and enrich their personal network of knowledge.