Master's degree in Education Technology: E-Learning and management of the knowledge

Bachelor’s thesis

The Master’s Dissertation (MA) is part of the subject with the same name which includes the process of elaboration of the work and its oral exposition in public.

The subject has 15 ECTS credits and is mandatory; it may be performed in Spanish, Catalan or English.

The Master’s Dissertation (MA) has to be an individual and original essay of the student. It will always be developed with the supervision and guidance of an instructor appointed by the Academic Committee of the Master (ACM).

The research areas listed below are designed so that the students may be able to decide the specific theme for their working paper in the tutorials.

1. Effects of technological advances in the teaching-learning process.
2. Instructional Design in technological environments.
3. The context in which ICTs are introduced.
4. Evaluation and validation of virtual environments and communication tools.
5. Content and knowledge management.
6. Quality management and e-learning systems.
7. Organization and management of technological environments of training.
8. Training of trainers for technological environments and the integration of ICT in learning processes and contexts