Master's degree in Education Technology: E-Learning and management of the knowledge


Students can access the Master through the following qualifications:

  • Graduates in Social Education, Graduates in Primary Education (all the specialities), and Graduates in other related areas.
  • University graduates: Graduates in Pedagogy, Psychology, Computer Studies, Audiovisual Communication and in other related areas.
  • Official university graduates in Infant Education, Primary Education, Social Education, Pedagogy, Computer Engineering, Audiovisual Communication and in other related fields.
  • University graduates (graduates and postgraduates) in any school of specific knowledge in the field of Science and Engineering (Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, etc.), as well as the schools of Arts (Language Studies, History, Geography etc. ) and who want to complete their academic and professional training in the field of ICT and in the processes of teaching and learning, in particular of the e-learning.
  • Graduates with an official degree issued by an institution of higher education in the EHEA, which empowers the issuing country for access to the Master.
  • Students with a foreign degree of educational system outside the EHEA, not approved, subject to verification by the university in which: a) the level of education is equivalent to the corresponding Spanish university degree and, b) it is empowered in the issuing country the title for access to postgraduate studies.

The University de Lleida offers 10 places.

The selection criteria that apply to the allocation of places to students who have completed the entire pre-enrolment process are the following:

  1. Appropriateness of the access degree. Relationship of the diploma, degree or bachelor degree with the contents of the master. Up to a maximum of 40 points.
  2. Assessment of the academic record of the official university qualification that gives access to the Master. Up to a maximum of 20 points.
  3. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant. Up to a maximum of 30 points.
  4. Personal interview with the applicant (if necessary). Up to a maximum of 10 points.